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Welcome to the Tindle Family

Mission Statement

TCI is a family owned, multi-divisional company that holds itself to the highest standard of quality and reliability to be the premier metal fabricator and specialized industrial services company across the country.

Together as TCI, the Fabrication division and the Industrial Services division work simultaneously as well as independently to produce superior products and reliable service for customers across the country. 


With over 20 employees who are AWS certified, TCI has the ability to manufacture and meet the requirements for all minor and major industry sectors. 


All of our employees have been trained on-site through our certified instructors, so we are equipped with the most up-to-date protocols and procedures.


With customer relationships nationwide, we are able to service our customers long-distance as well as those who are close to home in the Midwest region.


Founded Tindle Construction 


Formed Tindle Construction, Inc.


Formed TCI Fabrication


Relocated to Fredonia, Kansas

Safety | Reliability | Quality

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